S-2 Glass® with AGY and BIEGLO GmbH

S-Glass fiber withstands up to 420 °C

BIEGLO is the European distributor of S-2 Glass® chopped fiber from AGY, a supplier of advanced material reinforcements for compounds and composites worldwide, Headquarters in Aiken, SC USA. The type 553 S-Glass fibers offer the ultimate physical properties including high
Oct 26, 2022

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Space Project AURUM Moon thermoplastic polyimide. BIEGLO GmbH


THERMOPLASTIC POLYIMIDE UNLOCKING A NEW LEVEL IN 3D PRINTING BIEGLO Group, with its American subsidiary BARplast LLC in Texas, is happy to support a project by innovative students of Engineering Polytechnique Montréal and HEC Montréal. The project is carried out
Carbon PEEK Composite sheets. BIEGLO GmbH

Composite PEEK Carbon Fibre

Composite PEEK Carbon Fibre suitable material for Thermoforming and Machining DEXNYL© Composite PEEK-CF is a PEEK-carbon fibre composite sheet made of several layers of woven CF-fabric (approx. 60%) in a PEEK matrix. The composite sheets can be heated above their
Wire Coating By Extrusion Using Aurum PL450C

Applications of Thermoplastic Polyimide AURUM™

 AURUM™, the Thermoplastic with highest Tg and some of its applications We are fond of AURUM™ because of its exceptional properties. Such as the highest glass transition temperature of any thermoplastic resin, its coefficient of expansion is maintained up to
PEEK alternative to metal 2 | BIEGLO GmbH

PEEK as metal alternative

Why is PEEK considered as an alternative material to metal? Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) is a high-performance, engineering Polymer with a combination of properties that make it stand out in the Polymers. PEEK is a semi-crystalline, rigid opaque (grey) material with excellent