The unique performance of polyamide-imide (PAI) is the result of converting a thermoplastic into a cross-linked thermoset during a longer curing process. Its trademark is the distinctive brown-yellow color. Reinforced grades might be darker.
PAI has a continuous service temperature of 260 ° C and can easily withstand up to-200 ° C. Torlon® impresses in particular by maintaining its mechanical properties over its wide temperature range. In addition, PAI is characterized by high impact and wear resistance and exceptional mechanical properties.
To ensure these properties, PAI must undergo a precise temperature cycle called postcuring. This is dependent on the geometry of the finished parts and wall thickness of the semi-finished parts. This is essential for the application-oriented use of Torlon®.

In general, PAI semi-finished products can be extruded or injection molded. The latter also applies to finished parts, whereby these can also be produced by mechanical processing of semi-finished products.

PAI products are suitable for many applications such as gears, rollers, plasma chamber hardware, and contact holders. In addition, Torlon® can be processed into chip holders and sockets, sliding strips in aerospace, insulation bodies in electrical engineering, slide bushings in hydraulic systems, and sipes in compressors.

We offer PAI Products made of the following grades:

Torlon® 4203; 4301; 4275; 4435; 4645; 5030( 30% GF); 7130 (30% CF) .

Each type is best suitable for a specific application. Please contact us for more information.


PAI finished productions are manufactured in two different ways. For small and mid-sized series we would recommend machining a semi-finished product to your desired design. For bigger production series and long term production plan it is economic to invest in a mold for injection molding.

PAI can be used for many application. We can offer finished parts for following applications:

gears, rollers, plasma chamber hardware, wafer contact fixtures; high-temperature thermal/electrical insulators, burn-in/test sockets, valve seats, fasteners and activation balls; mechanical linkages, rollers, labyrinth seals, impellors, valve plates, vanes, back-up seal rings


  • Insulators
  • Connectors
  • gear wheels
  • sliding elements
  • compressor- and pump-components
  • drives
  • bushings
  • valves
  • clutch and gearbox components
  • turbocharger impeller
  • guidances
  • rollers
  • grippers
  • valves
  • parts for surgical instruments
  • parts for short term implants such as spinal fusion cages
  • rollers
  • bushings
  • valves
  • blenders
  • dosing systems
  • kneaders
  • drill heads
  • sealings
  • sensors