Quality characteristics

PEEK, as a high-performance thermoplastic, keeps its properties throughout the recycling process. Moreover, this has been proven for granules and semi-finished parts.  Furthermore, PEEK residues do not end up in an incineration plant but are recycled in a quality-assured way, fostering environmental and economic sustainability. Closing the loop on a post-industrial level is our short-term goal, and closing the loop on a post-consumer level is our vision. Implementing these processes appreciates PEEK as a highly valuable resource and optimizes its lifetime.
Furthermore, it enables technical improvement. Due to its exciting pricing, R-PEEK can be considered for applications where currently other materials fill the gap but not the technical requirements. BIEGLO gladly assists in each part of this process.

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Applications where virgin PEEK is currently used;

Applications where PPS, PAEK or other 'cheaper' materials fills the gap but do not live up to the technical needs;

Contact us to identify whether recycled PEEK (R-PEEK ) is the right material for your application.

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We offer

Consulting in handling PEEK residues;

Collection of correctly sorted PEEK residues;

Creating closed loop scenarios for semi-finished parts;

Consulting in replacing other materials (e.g. PPS, PEAK) with R-PEEK;

Sales of R-PEEK granules Dexnyl® R-PEEK 143G.

Sales of PEEK-residues;

Sales of R-PEEK compounds (glass fiber-, carbon fiber reinforced, PTFE)

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