PEI Color Compound

Quality characteristics

BIEGLO's PEI Color Compounds include several products that can be tailored to the needs of fabricators and custom applications. PEI Color Compounds are made from Polyetherimide ULTEM granules.


Polyetherimide is a high strength amorphous thermoplastic polymer that is part of the polyimide family. PEI stands out in particular because of its low flammability (UL94: V-0) and shows at the same time a low smoke development. PEI has a continuous service temperature of up to 170 ° C.

Due to its first-class electrical insulation values, which are stable over a wide temperature and frequency range, this material is particularly suitable for use in the electronics industry. PEI components are also resistant to many chemicals and to hydrolysis. However, this also depends on the state of tension.

Our portfolio

BIEGLO offers different colors in the form of granules:

- Black
- White
- Red
- Yellow
- Green
- and much more

These can be processed into semi-finished products or injection molded. Logo

PEI Color Compound