PEEK leftovers can be remoulded and reshaped. So production waste do not necessarily have to pass through an incinerator plant. They can be recycelt in a quality-assured manner. Also compounds glass fibers or carbon fibers from PEEK can be recycled.
R-PEEK can be considered for applications where projects are price-sensitive or other materials are used but do not meet the requirements.
BIEGLO not only recycles PEEK. BIEGLO is also interested in other recycable plastics such as PI-s, PPS, PES and PAI.
R-PI-s is reprocessed powder of natural, thermosetting polyimide. R-Thermosetting POLYIMIDE-Powder has economical price compared to virgin thermosetting PI-powder


The demand for recycled polymers is increasing. May it be for reasons of environmental sustainability, for resource independancy or economical benefits. The recycled PEEK we offer fits all these needs. It is commonly used in the international automotive industry, can be provided in large quantities and competes easily with virgin grades when it comes to the technical properties. Based on post-industrial sources the PEEK is available as a natural grade or can be reinforced as requested for the application.

R-Thermosetting POLYIMIDE Powder

Reprocessed powder of natural, thermosetting polyimide
Recycling is a sustainable process – sustainability… good for the environment
Heat Resistance Additive / Modifier
Up to 300°C (Heat Resistance)
Excellent oil, acid and solvent resistance (Chemical Resistance)
Correl-size  30µ and 50µ
Economical price compared to virgin thermosetting PI-powder