POLYIMIDE Direct formed Parts

Quality characteristics

Finished or semi-finished parts directly formed from PI powder offer all the attributes of sintered PI. The advantage of direct formed parts are the lower costs as quantitiy is increasing. Due to almost zero percent waste during production it can be a more economic production method. Machined parts are widely used for small series high precision applications.


a) automotive industry: racing engine fuel line 

b) jet engine: vane bushing or locknut insert

c) Industrial machinery: hotrunner systems nozzles or plasma cutting torch as gas distributers or sealing components

d) Semicon HDPCVD Equimpent: e.g. heater coil spacer

e) life sciences: rotor seal or pneumatic surgical tool vane

We offer

Our finished parts are available according to your needs. We supply tailor made finished products made of Polyimide.

POLYIMIDE Direct formed Parts