PEEK Multi-Filament

Quality characteristics of PEEK Multi Filament

PEEK is a high performance fiber product manufactured through a filament extrusion. Semi- crystalline PEEK has a high tensile strength, is exceptionally resistant to chemicals, and can operate at extreme temperatures. These properties will provide a longer product life, lower maintenance costs, less machine downtime, and broader material design options compared to parts made of steel or aluminium.

Cut fibers woven and/or unidirectional enforce matrix material significantly and are a popular additive for composites.

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The applications of PEEK-Multifilaments are various.

Due to its low weight and high-temperature resistance, filaments made of PEEK are popular in the automotive and aircraft industry. Because PEEK resists toxic environments and has a high tensile strength, it also finds application in the demanding oil & gas and medical industry. Also the food-processing industry finds PEEK suitable for food-contact parts.


PEEK Multi-Filament"

We offer

PEEK Multifilamente in different thicknesses.

PEEK Multi-Filament