PEEK Sheet Composite CF

Quality characteristics

DEXNYL© Composite PEEK-CF is a secondary quality PEEK-carbon fibre composite sheet made of several layers of woven CF-fabric (approx. 60%) in a PEEK matrix. The sheets have small visual and physical defaults! The composite sheets can be heated above their melting temperature and then stamped in a metallic mould of a press. Excellent price-performance relation.

The sheets have excellent thermal and chemical resistance, as they are made of PEEK (approx. 40%). Other advantages are high compressive strength and superior mechanical stability and stiffness. The first quality Composite PEEK-Carbon fibre sheets can be offered on enquiries.


  • Fixtures
  • Seals/Gaskets
  • Decorative Parts
  • Door Brackets/Hinges




PEEK Sheet Composite CF"

We offer

Sheet dimension:

800 mm x 1200 mm

Sheet thickness:

6 plies (1,86mm) = ~2,8kg

8 plies (2,48mm) = ~3,8kg

10 plies (3,10mm) = ~4,7kg

12 plies (3,72mm) = ~5,7kg

14 plies (4,34mm) = ~6,7kg

16 plies (4,96mm) = ~7,6kg


DEXNYL© Composite PEEK-CF sheet (2nd)_40"
PEEK Sheet Composite CF