Thermoplastic POLYIMIDE Granules

Quality characteristics

We offer Mitsui Chemicals' thermoplastic Polyimide AURUM ®. TPIs granules can be either amorphous or semi-crystalline thermoplastics. In general, TPI can be injection molded, extruded and recycled. TPIs have high rigidity, excellent creep resistance and low thermal expansion. In addition, TPI has high electrical breakdown strength and excellent radiation resistance. TPI is suitable for designing thin walls and complex shapes with high dimensional stability. TPI is generally lighter than metal or steel materials.


TPI is mainly used in aerospace, as well as in the electrical industry. TPI's applications include wire and cable insulation, high performance connectors and accessories, on-road and off-highway gearing washers and gaskets, semiconductor plasma chamber components and containment systems, jet engine components, high temperature films, bearing cages, gears, diaphragms, stickshapes, and composites.

We offer

AURUM ® are thermoplastic polyimide granules with outstanding thermal properties. Its application range is expanding into a variety of areas, going beyond the boundaries of the electronics industry.

The application range of AURUM ® covers a multitude of segments where high heat resistance well above 220°C (Tg is 245°C or higher for some compounded grades) is required. Due to its thermoplasticity AURUM ® is suitable for injection molding and extrusion processing.

AURUM ® is used typically in precision machinery, industrial machinery parts, electrical and electronic parts, automotive and transport equipment parts, special insulation and often as a metal replacement. It can be supplied as granuels or powder,  film, fiber and matrix composite material. The combination of high heat resistance and mechanical and electrical properties make it unique in polymer-applications.

AURUM ® should not be used for military purposes. It is also important to note, that AURUM ® has no food- nor medical-use certifications.

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Thermoplastic POLYIMIDE Granules