Thermoplastic POLYIMIDE Granules

Quality characteristics

We offer Mitsui Chemicals' thermoplastic Polyimide AURUM ™. This thermoplastic Polyimide (TPI) is the only Polyimide that has a glass transition temperature of 245℃ and therefore exhibits high temperature stiffness properties and is superior to PEEK resin.

TPI granules in general can be either amorphous or semi-crystalline. Regarding processing thermoplastic polyimide can be injection molded, extruded and recycled. Looking at the properties of TPIs, it has high rigidity, excellent creep resistance and low thermal expansion. In addition, TPI has high electrical breakdown strength and excellent radiation resistance. Above all, TPI is suitable for designing thin walls and complex shapes with high dimensional stability. As it is generally lighter than metal or steel materials, it can be used as a replacement.

In conclusion, AURUM ™ is a high-heat resistance super engineering plastic that enables high efficiency production through injection molding, challenging the conventional thinking that polyimides have outstanding performance but are difficult to process.

  • High temperature Stiffness
  • Coefficient of expansion
  • Thermoplastic
  • Sliding properties
  • Outgas properties
  • Radiation resistance
  • Creep resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • Dimensional stability


As AURUM ™ has good properties it can be used in applications that, for instance, need improved sealing properties, such as turbo charger’s abradable seals. Moreover AURUM ™ TPI offers high sliding properties, creep resistance and light weight, it can be used as bearing, pistons, washers or seal rings. Additionally, and most importantly AURUM ™ is offering heat resistance, high temperature stiffness and chemical resistance and is therefore mainly used as electric wire coating or in structural components of aircraft engines.

To sum up, AURUM ™ is used in applications such as

  • Washers
  • Seal rings
  • Bearings
  • Pistons
  • Structural components of aircraft engines
  • Resin for CFRP
  • Electric wire coating

We offer

→ AURUM ™ thermoplastic polyimide

We offer different kinds of AURUM™ granules, to name a few:

Natural granules used in applications such as extrusion film,
wire coating and semi-finished parts.

Black grade granules used in the process of injection molding.

Granules with wear friction with for instance PTFE or Carbon Fibre used in automotive ATF parts as well as in industrial parts like seals.

In addition, we offer crystalized granules used in high temperature applications.


Download AURUM Thermoplastic Polyimide overview on all available grades 

Besides  granules, AURUM ™ can also be supplied as powder, film, fiber or matrix composite material.

But our AURUM ™ has no food- nor medical-use certifications.

+++ AURUM ™ should not be used for military purposes. Therefore, if you are interested in buying please fill out the following pdf form, to provide us with the needed information: +++

Thermoplastic POLYIMIDE Granules