Quality characteristics

It's a high temperature resistant and flame retardant fiber. The application is similiar to meta-aramid. But PI fiber has its own advantages.

The long-term service temperature is 260℃. The decomposition temperature is 560℃. The LOI is 38%, it means it's none-flameble fiber.

UV resistant and radiation resistant. Far lower damage length under fire compared aramid fiber.


Polyimide fiber is applicable in many products, but it is used best in niche-applications with extreme standards for the material:

1- FR Protective clothing: e.g. military fligth clothing, flame resistand underwear, firefighter uniform etc.

2- High temperature filtration and industrial insulation: e.g. dedusting filtration for cement factories, steel or powder plants, air filtration for painting area operated at more than 300°C .

3- Composite material: taking advantage of insulation, flame retardance and high emperature resistance, chopped fiber can be used as reinforced material.

We offer

Polyimide filament : 90-3300D, 1.67-3.3dtex ;

Polyimide staple fiber: 0.78-6dtex- cut lenght 38 -76mm ;

Polyimide chopped fiber: 0.78-6dtex; cut lengths upto 12mm.

Polyimide Fiber