Thermoplastic POLYIMIDE Powder

Quality characteristics:

TPIs powders can be either amorphous or semi-crystalline thermoplastics. In general, TPI powders can be used for compounding, compression molding, and other powder-based processing techniques. The parts and components produced from TPI powders possess high rigidity, excellent creep resistance and low thermal expansion. In addition, TPI parts have high electrical breakdown strength and excellent radiation resistance.

Mitsui Chemicals AURUM


TPI is mainly used in aerospace, as well as in the electrical industry. Its applications include wire and cable insulation, high performance connectors and accessories, on-road and off-highway gearing washers are typical applicarions. Also gaskets, semiconductor plasma chamber components and containment systems, jet engine components, high temperature films, bearing cages, gears, diaphragms, stickshapes, and composites.

To sum up, in the following industries and applications TPI is used:

  • cable insulation
  • jet engine components
  • bearing cages
  • electrical industry
  • aerospace

We offer:

BIEGLO is the distributor of Mitsui Chemicals AURUM ® PD450 TPI powders.

The advantages of AURUM ® are the extremely high glass transition temperature (Tg) of 245°C and its outstanding mechanical and chemical properties across a wide range of temperatures. Therefore AURUM ® is used by compounders and other converter that are able to melt-process polymers at elevated temperatures to produce parts with superior thermal and mechanical properties. High-performance washers, ball-bearing cages, dry bearings, seals and gears are typical applications where excellent mechanical & tribological properties and temperature resistance are paramount. In addition, AURUM ® is used for advanced coatings, and clean applications such as semiconductors due to trace amounts of outgas and metallic impurities. Used in aviation, automotive and other industries, AURUM ® can be compounded and converted like any other thermoplastic.

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Thermoplastic POLYIMIDE Powder