Thermosetting POLYIMIDE Powder

Quality characteristics

Using sinter technology, polyimide powder can be manufactured into semi-finished products and components.

Industrial applications profiting from this material’s effectiveness range from automotive industry and aerospace to industrial applications and office machines.

Compounds with solid lubricants like graphite, molybdenum sulfide or PTFE can be used for tribologically demanding applications.


The range of products that can be produced from our POLYIMIDE Powders is only limited by the processing machines.

Polyimide powder can be processed by hot compression molding, direct forming, iso-static compression molding or it can be compounded with other materials as an additive.

Polyimide powder is often compounded with PTFE to increase certain properties of the PTFE.

Polyimide Powder

We offer

BIEGLO offers Dexnyl PI-s in three different particle sizes and specifications:

Dexnyl® 232 PI-s-Powders:  thermosetting polyimide (PI-s) with Tg of 232 °C, natural granule suitable for molding, direct forming, and compounding

Dexnyl® 330 PI-s-Powders: thermosetting Polyimide (PI-s) with Tg of 330 °C, natural granule suitable for molding and compounding

Dexnyl® 240 PI-s-Powders: carbon fibre reinforced PI-s with Tg of 240 °C, suitable for molding and compounding

PI-s powders applications:

• Can be used as a compounding material to produce parts and/or coatings with enhanced thermal properties

• To produce high temperature, self-lubricant and wear resistance semi-finished and finished parts through compression molding or direct forming

• High strength and heat resistance gears, bearing, sealing elements, etc.

• To produce non-toxic fire retardant products


Also BIEGLO offers recycled thermosetting POLYIMIDE Powder

Thermosetting POLYIMIDE Powder