R-Thermosetting POLYIMIDE Powder

Quality characteristics

Beside our regular thermosetting PI-s powder, we have added a reprocessed thermosetting Polyimide powder to our portfolio. The R-Thermosetting Polyimide powder has a high heat resistance, excellent mechanical and electrical properties, low heat expansion and excellent chemical resistance and finds its application as a filler e.g., for compounding with PTFE Fluorpolymer.


As recycling is a sustainable process it is good for the environment.


  • Reprocessed powder of natural, thermosetting polyimide
  • Sustainability
  • Heat Resistance Additive / Modifier
  • Heat Resistance - Up to 300 °C
  • Chemical Resistance - Excellent oil, acid and solvent resistance
  • Higher Wear Resistance
  • Lower Oil Absorption
  • Low Thermal Conductivity
  • Correl-size 30µ and 50µ
  • Economical price compared to virgin thermosetting PI-powder


Reprocessed Polyimide Powder is mainly used as a filler e.g., for compounding with PTFE Fluorpolymer.

Our thermosetting rPI powder can be used in the following industries:

  • For the Glass Container Industry parts
  • PTFE compounding (as filler)
  • Compounding with thermosetting plastics
  • Compounding with other thermoplastic polymers


We offer

Two grades with different particle sizes of reprocessed thermosetting Polyimide Powder are available: Dexnyl® rPI-s 30µ and 50µ.

Datasheet as PDF Download:


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R-Thermosetting POLYIMIDE Powder