Adding Celazole® PBI to our portfolio

BIEGLO GmbH adds Celazole® PBI to its High Performance Polymers portfolio

Celazole®, a trademark of polybenzimidazole from PBI Performance Products, Inc. will now be marketed and distriduted by BIEGLO GmbH in Europe.

PBI Performance Products, Inc. is the world’s only commercial producer of poly-2,2′-(m-phenylene)-5,5′-bibenzimidazole. PBI products are offered as powder, solution, compound, film and fiber form. Through people, products, and perseverance, innovative high performance PBI solutions are offered.

Polybenzimidazole is an exceptional high performance polymer thanks to its Glass transition temperature (Tg) of 427°C. By appropriate temperature and pressure control Celazole® PBI can be molded for use in high performance applications. It is a unique and highly stable heterocyclic polymer, characterized by high thermal stability, high strength, broad chemical resistance and compatibility with polymers including the Polyaryletherketone (PAEK) family.

Celazole® T-Series has applications across multiple industries including industrial, semiconductor, petro/chemical, aerospace. The advantage of T-Series over PEEK is a set of features that results from the combination with PBI and other fillers that yield higher heat deflection temperatures (HDT), higher moduli, higher
strength, improved wear resistance and lower creep. Celazole T-series blends show HDT values up to 320°C, just below the crystalline melting point of PEEK.

BIEGLO is a trusted supplier for PEEK (Polyetheretherketone), thermoplastic Polyimide ‘AURUM’ from Mitsui Chemicals, thermosetting Polyimides like ‘MELDIN® 7000-Series’ from Saint-Gobain and Plavis S-Series from DAELIM; other high performance polymers include PEI-compounds, composite HPPs and a large portfolio of semi-finished HPP-products.

Some of the proven applications include bearing cages, bushings, compressor vanes, plasma torch tips, insulators, electrical connectors, conveyor systems.

To choose from a wide range of products to suit your specific application, get in touch with our polymer experts at BIEGLO GmbH today.

Celazole PEEK PBI
Adding Celazole® PBI to our portfolio
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