Daelim Co., Ltd.

Our Partner in thermosetting Polyimide Semi-finished

Daelim Co., Ltd. of Korea specializes in providing petrochemicals, marine logistics, construction information, IT services, development work, by realizing continued growth and differentiated customer value.

Daelim is highly experienced in creating customer-oriented value.

It is a company that produces and sells polyimide products which are high-functional plastic materials and engages in the sale of chemicals and polymers at home and abroad.



PLAVIS ā€˜Sā€™

Thermosetting Polyimide with highest thermal, physical, electrical and other resistance properties

PLAVIS is the Polyimide material offered by Daelim as the most Super Engineering Plastic available in the market.

PLAVIS has a unique chemical structure with some of the highest thermal, physical, electrical and other resistance properties.

Daelim produces PLAVIS raw materials into molded parts, plate/sheet and rod types.

The PLAVIS isostatic rods are known to possess uniformed properties in all directions.