Semiconductor Industry

High-Performance Polymers for the Semiconductor Industry

The semiconductor industry requires materials that can meet stringent precision and reliability needs. High-performance polymers like PEEK, Polyimide, PAI, PEI, PBI & PPA have established their significance in the sector.

PEEK has excellent thermal, chemical resistance & electrical Insulating properties, which makes it applicable in constructing semiconductor components and equipment like junction boxes, plate cage coils, battery cases, test sockets, workpiece holders, hard disk drives, light-emitting diodes, printers, CMP retainer rings, wafer handling equipment, e.g., boats and clamps.

In the semiconductor industry, manufacturers use Polyimide to create flexible circuits and dielectric materials. They apply Polyimide coating to protect and insulate semiconductor components in high-temperature environment.

AURUM™ TPI boasts a high glass transition temperature (Tg) of 245°C, providing thermal stability and protection for integrated circuits, making it an ideal choice for test socket and integrated circuit (IC) packaging Due to its high-temperature stability and dimensional stability at high and low temperatures.

In components of lithography equipment, where precise positioning and thermal stability are essential, Celazole® PBI finds application.

Also, its low outgassing and resistance to chemicals at high temperatures make it suitable for cleanroom components.

Celazole® PBI extends the lifespan of semiconductor parts by up to two times compared to polyimide. It proves versatile in crafting various components such as bushing, screws, pins, insulators, wafer clamps, sputter chamber seals, focus rings and more. Parts made from PBI are ideal for oxide etching, sputtering, CVD, PVD and wafer/panel contract parts.

PAI finds applications in semiconductor processing equipment such as bearings, part carriers, seals & electronic components. It also plays a role in actively contributing to the components within chambers.

PEI finds application in IC test sockets because of its resistance e to high temperatures and electrical insulation properties. Its ability to withstand high temperatures and insulate electricity makes PEI suitable for testing IC sockets.

PPA's chemical resistance makes it useful for components etching and cleaning machinery, which often come in contact with harsh substances.

BIEGLO offers high-performance polymers with good chemical resistance, low friction and high-temperature stability, making them perfect for use in challenging environments.

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Semiconductor Industry