PEEK as metal alternative

Why is PEEK considered as an alternative material to metal?

Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) is a high-performance, engineering Polymer with a combination of properties that make it stand out in the Polymers. PEEK is a semi-crystalline, rigid opaque (grey) material with excellent resistance to chemicals, wear, fatigue and creep as well as exceptionally high temperature resistance, up to 240°C (464°F). PEEK has a Melting Point (Tm) of 341°C, and a High Glass Transition (Tg) temperature of 143°C.

PEEK can be processed through ways including injection molding, extrusion, compression molding etc.

Additional properties that make PEEK a great alternative to metal are that its lightweight and strong to sustain in harsh conditions. Because of these exceptional properties PEEK is always in high demand in automotive industry. The resistance to chemicals makes PEEK a suitable Polymer for applications in Oil and Gas industry. At BIEGLO, we also offer food grade PEEK.

We offer PEEK in Granules & Powder as well as in Semi-finished and finished parts. Apart from Natural PEEK material, BIEGLO has a wide range of reinforced PEEK with Carbon fibres, Glass fibres, PTFE as well as Modified PEEK material.

PEEK material is mainly used as a support ring for seals, in rolling and plain bearings, as valve plates or as matrix material for composites.

Our finished parts include seals, valves, bearings, and much more. Our Portfolio for semi-finished parts include rods, tubes, sheets, foils, films, filaments, shrink tubes, etc. Our PEEK monofilaments can be used for 3D priniting. PEEK films are used in loudspeakers, as coating material and as insulation. Shrink tubings are also very well suited for insulating cables or for guiding gases.

In powder and Granules form the available PEEK grades are:

-CoPEEK 012G: High viscosity
-CoPEEK 021G: Middle viscosity
-CoPEEK 085G: Low viscosity
-CoPEEK 125G: Very low viscosity


Some of the notable applications of PEEK include:

  1. Automotive

seal rings, thrust washers, bushings, bearings, shift fork wear pads, gears, plug-valves, coupling, brakes, connectors, engine management system, friction cages, etc.


  1. Oil and Gas

Pumps (surface and submarine), compressor components, composites, tubes and pipes, insulating components, seals and backup rings, etc.


  1. Food

Parts in processing equipment for milk and meat industry, parts for ovens with high temperatures and steams, alternative for steel in kitchens, seals, films, scrapers, etc.


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PEEK as metal alternative
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