S-Glass fiber withstands up to 420 °C

BIEGLO is the European distributor of S-2 Glass® chopped fiber from AGY, a supplier of advanced material reinforcements for compounds and composites worldwide, Headquarters in Aiken, SC USA.

The type 553 S-Glass fibers offer the ultimate physical properties including high tensile and compressive strength, high-temperature resistance, improved impact resistance, and toughness. Glass fibers have a similar mechanical properties as carbon fiber and has a low dielectric constant. For E&E applications and colored high-performance Polymers-GF-Compounds, they offer a convincing alternative to ordinary E-glas. The sizing of 553 S-Glass fibers can withstand melt temperatures above 420° C

S-2 Glass® chopped fiber perfectly match to PA/PEEK/PPS/PEI compound. Relying on this high-temperature resistant sizing, and the high strength properties of S-2 itself. The strength of the HPP compound will be greatly increased.

BIEGLO GmbH sells PEEK, Polyimides, PBI, PAI and other High-Performance Polymers in powder, granules, rods, tubes, sheet, film and finished parts.
BARplast LLC is a 100% subsidiary in Houston, Texas and also specializes in high-performance polymers.

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S-Glass fiber withstands up to 420 °C