Polyimide is a thermoset, which means that the material has no glass transition temperature and no melting temperature. Polyimide has 315 ° C. In addition, polyimide impresses with low wear and a long life. In particular, the dimensional stability at very high temperatures is remarkable.
Compared to other materials, polyimide performs very well. It is lighter than metal and more flexible than ceramics. It can also replace other polymers or even aluminum.
The thermoplastic polyimide has a continuous service temperature of 240 ° C. The typical light brownish color can be observed on all desired parts. In principle, thermoplastic polyimide can be injection molded, extruded and recycled.

BIEGLO is the distributor of Saint-Gobain's Meldin® polyimide. Under the Meldin®7000 brand BIEGLO offers solid bars, plates and finished parts made of polyimide. These can be compression moulded, direct formed or machined. The range of Saint Gobain includes also polyimide with different additives, such as PTFE or graphite.

BIEGLO can offer Polyimide in the following shapes:
- Rods
- Sheets
- Filaments
- Fibers
- Tubes

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The range of Saint Gobain includes also polyimide with different additives, such as PTFE or graphite.

To complete the polyimide range, BIEGLO also offers products of other producers. These include tubings, films and powders. Also thermoplastic polyimide (TPI) can be offered by BIEGLO. It comes in the form of powder, filaments and fibers.

Our Portfolio of finished Parts will be available soon.

Products will be launched here in a few days.


  • Piston rings
  • Hotrunner nozzles
  • Plasma cutting gas distributers
  • Packaging sealing elements
  • Bobbin
  • Basis material for conductor boards
  • Isolation foils
  • Sputtering equipment
  • Brake wear sensor
  • Polymer-gears
  • Thrust washers
  • Valve seats & seals
  • Vane bushings
  • Additive for PTFE & other compounds
  • Direct forming of final parts
  • Paste compounds