POLYIMIDE Rods & Sheets

Quality characteristics

In line with different requirements of the Industrial market, Meldin® product family can provide:

High temperature resistance intermittently up to 482°C and continuous use temperature up to 315°C
Wide chemical resistance
Dimensional stability at eleveated temperatures



Semi finished Polyimide parts are machined to finished parts which are then used in various applications in the

a) automotive industry: thrust washer or piston rings in transmission and pumps replacing tradional metals

b) aero space industry: jet engine parts such as pads, bumpers, seals and bearings

c) industrial machinery: thermal insulators for hot runner nozzles used for injectionn molding of thermoplastic products such as PET-preforms

d) electronic industry: semiconductor manufacturing process equipment with high purity, high resistance to solvents, oils and other chemicals while maintaining a high thermal stability and high electrical insulative properties. Meldin® 7001 grade can meet these extreme requirements and is applied in very broad applications.

We offer

Available as Polyimide Rods and Sheets

Sheets are available at 305 x305mm width and length and with minimum thickness of 1.6mm up to maximum thickness of 50,8mm
Rods are available at a length of 965mm. The diameters start from 6.3mm and go up to 82.5mm

POLYIMIDE Rods & Sheets