POLYIMIDE Rods & Sheets

Quality characteristics

In line with different requirements of the Industrial market, Meldin product family can provide:

High temperature resistance

Wide chemical resistance

Good mechanical properties, also at elevated temperatures

Low wear, long lifetime - It can be used in temperatures up to 350° C continuously.


Semi finished Polyimide parts are machined to finished parts which are then used in various applications in the

a) automotive industry

b) aero space industry

c) industrial machinery

d) electronic industry

e) life science

Polyimide Rods

We offer

Available as Polyimide Rods and Sheets

Sheets are available 12x12 (305 x305mm) inches width and lengt and with minium 1/16 inch thickness (1.6mm) upto maximum 2inch thickness (50,8mm)

POLYIMIDE Rods & Sheets