PEEK Semi-finished


PEEK Tubes are durable, lightweight tubes made up of PEEK polymer.
PEEK Tubes can be extruded, or molded in a number of processes. External diameters range from 30mm to more than 2m.
BIELGO offers tubes in natural PEEK and in compounded grades while making use of an international network of suppliers.
PEEK Tubes are high performance products. Final Parts made of PEEK can operate in conditions where a combination of high temperature, chemical and corrosion resistance together with excellent wear and abrasion resistance are key requirements.


PEEK Rods are semi-finished products: extremely tough, wear resistant with excellent resistance to high temperatures and radiation. 
BIELGO makes use of a large and international network of PEEK converters to offer the most suitable rods at competitive prices.
Parts made from PEEK Rods are dimensionally stable and have high mechanical bearing strength. 
PEEK offers excellent chemical resistance and a high resistance to hydrolysis, even against super-heated steam.
Machined PEEK parts are electrically insulating and have good sliding properties, compounded PEEK can be offered to improve tribology further.
BIEGLO's PEEK-Rods are easy to machine. CoPEEK is FDA approved for use in food processing and also certified according to ISO 10993. Thus it is suitable for applications in the medical industry.
BIEGLO PEEK is very  resilient and less brittle than comparable PEEK in the market.


PEEK Sheets in gages from 10 mm to 50 mm are our normal portfolio. We can source thinner sheets and film and also provide thicker sheets on request.
Furthermore BIEGLO offers cut to measure sheets made up of our resilient CoPEEK or made up of other PEEK products including compounded PEEK (PTFE, Graphite, Fibers, etc.).
PEEK (polyetheretherketone) is a high performance engineering thermoplastic that offers chemical and water resistance similar to PPS, but can operate at higher temperatures.
PEEK can be used continuously to 480°F (250°C) and in hot water or steam without permanent loss in physical properties.
For hostile environments, PEEK is a high strength alternative to fluoropolymers.
PEEK carries a V-0 flammability rating and exhibits very low smoke and toxic gas emission when exposed to flame.


PEEK film is thermoplastic film that is characterized by a distinct combination of properties, which include excellent wear resistance, best-in-class fatigue resistance,  high purity, and excellent chemical resistance to organics, acids, and bases. 
BIEGLO offers PEEK films in gages of 8µ up to 1,5mm, natural and compounded grades and cut in width if required. 
The excellent properties make it well-suited for applications in aerospace, electronics, chemical processing, healthcare, transportation, and other industrial uses.


The main focus of our production is to produce turned and milled parts, mainly from PEEK in all available compositions.BIEGLO has partnered with a number of PEEK-processers that are able to use CNC-machining, injection or compression moulding to produce finished parts.
We can organize standard parts, but also products according to customer's drawings and specifications
BIEGLO supports you in finding the best suited process for your finished parts - injection molding, machining or other - we use a global network of PEEK-converters to source the best in class finished PEEK Parts at competitive prices.


PEEK Filaments are high performance fibers produced through a melt-spinning process or by simple extrusion.

Partially crystalline, PEEK has a high tensile strength, is exceptionally resistant to chemicals and can operate at extreme temperatures.

These properties will provide a longer product life, lower maintenance costs, less machine downtime, and broader material design options.

Overall, PEEK is a great fit for filters of chemicals and hydrocarbons, as a reinforcement and sees a growing use as a 3D-printing raw material.


Beside unreinforced PEEK, there are also several mainstream modified PEEK Types like PEEK compounded with PTFE and also PEEK modified in combination of Graphite, Carbonfiber and PTFE.
There is also PEEK reinforced with Glass or Carbonfibre only. Other compounded materials can be sourced or produced on request.
BIELGO uses a global network of PEEK converters and compounders to offer the best possible material for any given challenge.


PEEK shrinktube provide a shrink-to-fit layer of protection for sensitive components and critical connections.
PEEK’s inherent purity and lubricity make it a prime choice for applications such as a wire coating for medical devices, and electronic insulation.
PEEK shrinktube is an obvious and optimal splicing aid for PEEK magnet wire.


3D-printing is becoming more and more popular in the polymer processing industry. Also for PEEK 3D-printers have been developed that can reach the high processing temperature. To use PEEK in 3D-printing, PEEK-monofilaments are a suitable solution.
BIEGLO can offer a variety of PEEK monofilaments made up of resilient CoPEEK or more brittle and hard PEEK.
The 1,75mm standard filament is normaly available in PEEK at competitive prices.



  • Gear-wheel, gear boxes
  • Running gear
  • Gearing mechanism
  • Valves
  • Plug-valve (instead of stainless steel)
  • Seals for valves or pumps
  • Brakes
  • Coupling
  • Electronic and sensor system
  • Air-conditioning systems
  • Connectors
  • Coating of metal surfaces
  • Engine management system
  • Parts for car engines like bearing cages
  • Friction bearings, piston rings
  • Parts in the processing equipment for Milk industry
  • Parts in the processing equipment for Meat industry
  • Parts for ovens and processing with high temperature or steam e processes
  • Subtitutions for the steel in kitchen‘s
  • Seals
  • Scrapers
  • Seals and backup rings
  • Connectors
  • Compressor components
  • Pumps (surface and submersible)
  • Plugs and packers
  • Composites
  • Cables and wireline
  • Tubes and pipes
  • Insulating components