PEEK Shrink / Small Tubes

Quality characteristics

PEEK shrink tubes provide a shrink-to-fit layer of protection for sensitive components and critical connections.

PEEK’s inherent purity and lubricity make it a prime choice for applications such as a wire coating for medical devices, and electronic insulation.

PEEK shrink tubes are an obvious and optimal splicing aid for PEEK magnet wire.

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PEEK shrink tube is ideally suited for challenging environments such as oil and gas exploration where abrasion, intense pressure, chemicals, water, or dielectric interference pose a threat to wires and electrical components. It is an alternative to traditional fluoropolymer protective coatings with its extremely wide working temperature range.

PEEK Shrinktubes

We offer

• Electrical component covering
• Medical device protection
• Wire/cable insulation/splice aid
• Impact and wear resistant insulation
• Electronics

PEEK Shrinktubes
PEEK Shrink / Small Tubes