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High-Performance Polymers for the Defence Industry

BIEGLO offers a comprehensive range of High Performance Polymers (HPPs), including granules, powders, semi-finished goods (e.g. tubes and films) and also finished parts. Furthermore we support developments in coating metal parts and cables with HPPs. Catering to the most specialized and technically demanding applications, we source from a worldwide network of leading polymer producer and converter.

PEEK is a versatile thermoplastic HPP known for its ease of molding, corrosion resistance, and high specific strength. It is heat resistant and unreactive to hydrocarbons like paraffin and hydraulic fluids. With a continuous service temperature of 240°C (464°F), PEEK is suitable for use in various harsh environments. Additionally, it exhibits excellent fire behavior, resisting combustion up to nearly 600°C and producing minimal smoke if burned at high temperatures. Aerospace and defense industries utilize PEEK to enhance the weight and durability of components such as thrust washers, seal rings, insulation, and structural parts.

PBI Celazole® stands as the pinnacle of engineering thermoplastics, boasting a glass transition temperature of 427°C along with exceptional chemical resistance and dimensional stability. Its application spans across various critical aerospace systems, serving as a fire-resistant material for aircraft interiors and ensuring safety measures. Notably, it maintains 100% of its tensile strength even after prolonged immersion in hydraulic fluid at 200°F for 30 days. Its lightweight nature contributes to significant fuel cost savings for airplanes, as it replaces traditional metal components. Specifically engineered for aerospace demands, Celazole® U-60 excels in high-temperature environments, making it ideal for applications such as nose tips, leading edges, and ablative heat shields, particularly in military aerospace contexts.

Polycast® sheets find extensive application across various aircraft types, from military to sport aircraft. They serve purposes such as canopies, flight deck windows, passenger cabin windows, helicopter windows, and general aviation windshields and side windows. Additionally, multilayered acrylic sheets are used as bullet-proof windows and special grades exist for instrument panel covers, wingtip lenses, and as sun visors in cockpit settings.

Thick acrylic sheets are also employed in periscopes for tanks and submarines. Renowned for their high visual quality, abrasion resistance, exceptional optical clarity, and durability, Polycast® sheets come in a diverse range of colors and sizes to suit different needs.

BIEGLO's range of high performance polymers is suitable for the defence industry.

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Defence Industry