Oil & Gas Industry

High-Performance Polymers for the Oil & Gas Industry

BIEGLO's high-performance polymer products find diverse applications in the oil and gas industry due to their high-temperature stability and excellent mechanical, thermal, and chemical properties.
Downhole tools, seals and gaskets, pump components, thermal insulation, drilling components, bearing and bushing, valve components and instrumentation all actively utilize these polymers

PEEK has electrical insulating properties that make it useful for insulators and connectors in electrical submersible pumps and other downhole tools. Sometimes, PEEK is required for insulation in cables used in oil & gas exploration and production because it has high-temperature and electrical properties.

Furthermore, Other applications include Sealing systems, wear ring components, compressor components, composites, cables & wirelines, drill heads, tubes and pipes.

Flexible hoses and tubing made of Polyimide can convey fluids in various stages of oil and gas production, as they are durable and resistant to chemicals.

AURUM® TPI, a thermoplastic Polyimide, is chemically resistant, making it helpful in fabricating components for chemical processing in the oil and gas industry.

Also, AURUM®, together with Celazole® PBI, is suitable for insulating electrical components in oil and gas exploration and production, as it has electrical insulating properties that help ensure reliable performance in electric systems.

Celazole® moulded parts can withstand temperatures of 204°c to 260°C and exposure to various substances, such as oil, corrosion inhibitors and more. In addition, They can perform well even after long periods of exposure that would damage most plastics.

BIEGLO offers high-performance polymers that cater to the specific requirements of the oil & gas industry.

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Oil & Gas Industry