BARplast LLC at NPE 2024

BARplast LLC at NPE2024: The Plastics Show in Booth S31194

Our proud American subsidiary BARplast LLC will be exhibiting at the NPE2024 in Orlando, Florida from May 6-10, 2024. We will be showcasing our amazing High Performance Polymers portfolio such as Thermoplastic Polyimide TPI AURUM™, Thermosetting Polyimides PIs, PEEK, PAI, PEI and recycled R-PEEK and R-PI.

BARplast offers PEEK and Polyimides in a variety of formats such as GRANULES, POWDERS, Semi-finished RODS, TUBES, SHEETS, FILMS as well as FINISHED parts.

TPI AURUM™ is the highest temperature resistant thermoplastic material with a Tg 473°F, well suited for all your high temperature challenges. It can be Injection Molded into complex and diverse shapes.

Our Thermosetting Polyimides can go well above 930°F, whereas our PEEK virgin and compounds suits all your mechanical, chemical and thermal requirements. Moreover, our recycled and regranulated polymers help in satisfying sustainability and economic goals for High performance applications.

Please contact us for mor information. We look forward to see you at our Booth No. S31194.

BARplast LLC at NPE 2024
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