• 10 years of BIEGLO
  • Founding of BARplast LLC, Texas USA: distribution of TPI AURUM® from Mitsui Chemicals , CoPEEK from Panjin Zhongrun HPP, Thermosetting PI from DAELIM-Plavis, R-PEEK, PEEK-semifinished products
  • Strong growth in PEEK sales and sales of semi-finished goods
  • Introduction of new EDP-system for all BIEGLO-group companies


  • Distribution contract with DAELIM Co., Ltd. for DaelimPlavis Polyimide material
  • No exhibitions due to Corona-circumstances


  • First time for BIEGLO to exhibit in Hannover at industrial fair
  • Distribution contract with Mitsui Chemicals for AURUM® Polyimide-powder
  • Exhibition on K-fair – new booth in Hall 8a
  • Mitsui adds all AURUM granules and compounds to the distribution contract
  • Strong growth in number of orders and buying customers but overall declining sales


  • Strong year for CoPEEK-granules dominated by few big customers
  • More customer interest in Polyimide-products
  • New projects for R-PEEK
  • Exhibition on Fakuma
  • Growth in sales and number of buying customers


  • Growth in key areas as PEEK semi-finished goods and CoPEEK-granules
  • First sales of thermosetting Polyimide-powder
  • New projects for R-polymers as R-PEEK and R-PP for automotive
  • Exhibition on Fakuma


  • Growth in HP-polymers and more sales of semi-finished PEEK.
  • New PEEK-products as filaments
  • Start recycled PEEK and R-PP
  • Participation on K-fair, Düsseldorf


  • Focus on High-Performance Polymers and R-polymers as future growth markets
  • Beginning of PEEK-shop.de and PEEK-semi-finished goods
  • Consolidation: end of technical polymer activities and stop of acquisition strategy
  • Exhibition on Fakuma


  • Export of technical polymers, CoPEEK and Polyimide
  • Growing organisation for technical polymers in Spain and Germany
  • Exhibition on Fakuma


  • Contract with Panjin Zhongrun HPP and growing sales of CoPEEK
  • Distribution contract with Saint-Gobain for Meldin®7000 (Polyimide)
  • Take-over of ASP-Plastics, Hamburg
  • First participation on K-fair, Düsseldorf


  • BIEGLO actively promotes Lavergne recycled polymers and grows sales in technical polymers
  • Take-over of Advanced Products Solutions, Barcelona
  • First contact with PEEK-producer
  • First participation on Fakuma


  • Set up of BIEGLO Holding and BIEGLO GmbH as limited companies in Hamburg
  • First contacts to suppliers for technical polymers in Asia and contacts to Lavergne in Canada