R-Thermosetting POLYIMIDE Powder

Quality characteristics

  • Reprocessed powder of natural, thermosetting polyimide
  • Recycling is a sustainable process – sustainability… good for the environment
  • Heat Resistance Additive / Modifier
  • Up to 300°C (Heat Resistance)
  • Excellent oil, acid and solvent resistance (Chemical Resistance)
  • Higher Wear Resistance
  • Lower Oil Absorption
  • Low Thermal Conductivity
  • Correl-size  30µ and 50µ
  • Economical price compared to virgin thermosetting PI-powder


  • For the Glass Container Industry parts
  • PTFE compounding (as filler)
  • Compounding with thermosetting plastics
  • Compounding with other thermoplastic polymers


R-Thermosetting POLYIMIDE Powder

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R-Thermosetting POLYIMIDE Powder