Composite PEEK Carbon Fibre

Composite PEEK Carbon Fibre

suitable material for Thermoforming and Machining

DEXNYL© Composite PEEK-CF is a PEEK-carbon fibre composite sheet made of several layers of woven CF-fabric (approx. 60%) in a PEEK matrix. The composite sheets can be heated above their melting temperature and then stamped in a metallic mould of a press. Excellent price-performance relation!

The sheets have excellent thermal and chemical resistance, as they are made of PEEK (approx. 40%). Other advantages are high compressive strength and superior mechanical stability and stiffness. At BIEGLO we can help you with both the grades of DEXNYL© Composite PEEK-CF based on your application.

DEXNYL© Composite PEEK-CF can either be thermoformed or machined as per its application. This sheet is clamped into a thermoformer and sent into an oven for heating. Once it reaches the right temperature for processing, it is pulled over or pushed into a mold with either vacuum or pressure to form a part. The formed part is then cooled, removed from the mold and sent to the next station for machining.

Some of the characteristics of thermoplastic Consolidated Laminate:

  • Carbon Fibre
  • PEEK matrix
  • Short cycle time with automated processes (press forming)
  • Room temperature storage and shipping
  • High-performance mechanical properties
  • Resistant to chemicals and solvents
  • European source
  • Recyclable

DEXNYL© Composite PEEK-CF has high performance mechanical properties. It can be used continuously at high temperatures with low flammability, smoke and toxicity. The material is resistant to chemicals and solvents. It can be stored and shipped at room temperature. The DEXNYL© Composite PEEK-CF is also recyclable.

Applications of DEXNYL© Composite PEEK-CF are wide ranged. The material is used for fixtures, seals, gaskets, door brackets and hinges and decorative parts.

The addition of carbon fibre increases the mechanical strength of the PEEK matrix, ensuring structural functionality up to 536°F (280 °C). The thermal conductivity of the carbon fibre favors a more homogeneous heat distribution. The reduced coefficient of thermal expansion of Carbon PEEK, in fact, leads to greater dimensional stability at high temperatures.

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Composite PEEK Carbon Fibre
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