PEEK Semi-finished

PEEK semi-finished (SF) products are produced in various forms, such as rods, tubes, sheets, filaments or foils.
There are several ways to produce PEEK SF products. Extrusion is the easiest and least expensive way. Injection molding is well suited for finished parts and short tubes with thin walls. Although Rotomoulding and Hot Compression Molding are more expensive types of processing, they are suitable for large outside diameters and thin-walled tubes. BIEGLO can rely on a number of manufacturers of PEEK semi-finished products. They come from Europe, Asia and the USA.
PEEK SF products can also be reinforced to enhance the individual properties of PEEK. A compound with carbon fibers, for example, increases the mechanical properties, the thermal conductivity and improves creep behavior.


PEEK Granules & Powder

PEEK granules and powders come from Panjin Zhongrun High Performance Polymers in China. They distribute them under the brand name CoPEEK. Their yearly production capacity of 1000t and certified CoPEEK according to FDA and EU 10/2011. In addition their production facility is ISO 9001 certified.
From PEEK Granules PEEK-SF und finished parts can be produced. PEEK as a thermoplastic can be processed by:
- Extrusion
- Injection Moulding
- Hot Compression Moulding
- Spin Casting
Fine Powder can be used for coatings of components made of Metall or glass.
Highly filtered PEEK-Granules find application in the filament and composite production.


Polyimide has extremely high temperature resistance (315 ° C) while retaining its good mechanical properties in such an extreme environments. In addition, polyimide impresses with low wear and a long service life. In particular, the dimensional stability at very high temperatures is remarkable


Polyamide-imide (PAI), also known as the brand Torlon® comes in different grades and different shapes. PAI is known to be the highest performing meltable thermoplastic in terms of temperature resistance, chemical resistance and mechanical stress. Its mechanical strength at 205°C outperforms many engineering plastics at room temperature. Also at cryogenic temperatures it shows a resistance to up to -270°C.
The unique performance of polyamide-imide (PAI) is the result of being transformed from a thermoplastic to a cross-linked thermoset during an extended curing process. Our PAI is processed by experienced engineers and offeres the best possible values a PAI product can have.


Polyetherimide (PEI) is a high strength amorphous thermoplastic polymer that is part of the polyimide family. PEI stands out in particular because of its low flammability (UL94: V-0) and shows at the same time a low smoke development. PEI has a continuous service temperature of up to 170 ° C.
Due to its first-class electrical insulation values, which are stable over a wide temperature and frequency range, this material is particularly suitable for use in the electronics industry. PEI components are also resistant to many chemicals and to hydrolysis. However, this also depends on the state of tension.


PEEK leftovers can be remoulded and reshaped. So production waste do not necessarily have to pass through an incinerator plant. They can be recycled in a quality-assured manner. Also compounds glass fibers or carbon fibers from PEEK can be recycled.
R-PEEK can be considered for applications where projects are price-sensitive or other materials are used but do not meet the requirements.
BIEGLO not only recycles PEEK. BIEGLO is also interested in other recyclable plastics such as PPS, PES and PA12.