Quality characteristics:

With its outstanding di-electric and hydrolytic properties the VYPET of LAVERGNE is not just a recycled PET but a PET with properties that easily compete and even outperform virgin grades. Based on a strategic sourcing this LAVERGNE product meets the challenging demand for a supply that is reliable, of constant quality and available in large quantities. The glass-fiber reinforced VYPET replaces typical PET/PBT countergrades and can be customised depending on the application with its technical requirements. Additionally the VYPET meets the increasing demand for sustainability in the polymer industry. The CO2 emissions are cut in half compared to virgin material.


Replacement for common reinforced PET- and PBT grades;

Automotive: ignition coils, grill opening retainer, water deflector, folind seat module, sun roof systems etc.;

Electronics: ink cartridge, bobbins etc,;

Others: back of office chairs etc.

We offer:

Glass-fiber reinforced black granules (different reinforcement grades available)

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