PEEK Semi-finished

PEEK-SF products made from PEEK raw material could be Rods, Tubes, Sheets and Films.
There several ways of produce PEEK SF products. Extrusion is the most econonmical way to produce small diameter rods and tubes. Injection moulding is favourable for finished parts and for short tubes with thin walls. Rotomoulding and hot compression moulding are expensive processes but suited for large outer diameters and relatively thin walls in tubes.
BIEGLO offers PEEK-SF products from a large number of producers from Europe, Asia and the USA.

PEEK Granules & Powder

PEEK is a semi-crystalline thermoplastic with excellent sliding properties, very good mechanical properties, even under thermal load and an excellent resistance to chemicals as well as a great plasticity that allow a wide application in the industrial field, chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, construction and automotive.
PEEK Granules and Coarse Powder is widely used for the PEEK SF production and also finished parts are made by injection moulding directly from the PEEK Raw Material. Fine Powder can be used for Coating and hot compression moulding.


Polyimide is one of the most hightech polymers. It can be used in temperatures up to 350° C. Polyimide products replace materials like metal and offers even better characteristics, due to its heat resistance, chemical neutrality and lower density.
It is used in advanced industries such as aviation, automobile and industrial machinery. These hightech products may be friction-pads for breaks or seal-rings for aerospace applications.


The demand for recycled polymers is increasing. May it be for reasons of environmental sustainability, for resource independancy or economical benefits. The recycled polymers we offer fit all these needs. Feel free to contact us for challenging and ambitious projects where not just any recycled polymer is needed.
Our partner's profound knowledge about PET and PP in combination with our own's specialisation in PEEK assures superior solutions for a wide range of applications. Make sure to read more about the recycled PEEK, PP and PET on the product pages and to contact us for any further inquiries.