Quality characteristics

Using sinter technology, polyimide powder can be manufactured into semi-finished products and components.

Industrial applications profiting from this material’s effectiveness range from automotive industry and aerospace to industrial applications and office machines.

Compounds with solid lubricants like PI-powder, graphite, molybdenum sulfide or PTFE can be used for tribologically demanding applications.

Polyimide Powder
Polyimide Powder
Polyimide Powder


a) automotive industry: racing engine fuel line ;

b) jet engine: vane bushing or locknut insert

c) Industrial machinery: hotrunner systems nozzles or plasma cutting torch as gas distributers or sealing components

d) Semicon HDPCVD Equimpent: e.g. heater coil spacer

e) life sciences: rotor seal or pneumatic surgical tool vane

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Dexnyl PI is available in 4 different particle sizes and specifications.